Wedding Collection

Deluxe Ice Candelabra with Floral base

For the bride and groom who want the ‘works’. Our best selling Table Art – the classic Ice Candelabra; festooned with a sumptuous selection of flowers – including around the base – to provide a feast for the eyes and nose. Then when the sun sets, ensure the life of this floral cornucopia is extended, by being illuminated to whatever colour scheme the happy couple require.

Ice Candelabra with Floral Spray

Perfectly balanced. Our ever-popular ice candelabra, beautifully decorated with a balanced selection of white flowers to exquisitely display in the centre of the table. As night falls….let the flowers act as a chameleon; absorbing the colours from the light below.

Tall vase with bouquet and submerged orchid

For those who want stunning bouquets…and a twist. With submerged orchids in the vase, let the light from beneath add to the experience of your guests at each table for an occasion to remember.

Submerged white roses

Understated and classically simple. 5 exquisite long-stemmed white roses, submerged in a vase sitting on our radio controlled light base. Whatever your colour scheme…we can match and make these roses become the shades you need to enhance Mother Nature!

Low triple vase with Floral surround

If a low level Table Art is required; a beautifully balanced collection of flowers are displayed in an eclectic trio of glass vases on top of our radio controlled light base, to be any colour – or combination of colours – required. This base is also bedecked with yet more flowers to provide a light-and-flower-fest that lets the conversation flow.