Table Arts

Our versatile range of wireless table arts are designed to enrich guest experience with a magical lighting display

Iced Candelabra

The classic candelabra with a twist: etched to provide an ‘ice’ effect, this Table Art is an excellent refractor of light and comes complete with flame effect candles.

Clear Candelabra

For contemporary tradition with elegant sophistication. Complete with flame effect candles, this classic Table Art brings grace and subtlety of colour to any event.

Crystal Candelabra

Add a little more ‘bling’ to our classic candelabra, with a cascade of chandelier crystals.

Twisted Flame

Individually hand crafted in the UK, so that no two are the same; these Table Arts are contemporary in styling and beautifully designed to optimise light refraction.

Low Level Crystal Globe

A 250mm globe of twinkling crystals. When standing upon our light bases, these Table Arts are only 340mm high and make an excellent low level option. To see these in action look at the youtube of Emile Sande at the MOBO awards Click Here

Tall Crystal Globe

Sparkling above diner’s heads, our high crystal globes provide a beautifully versatile Table Art that illuminates softly from above.

High Sports ball Support

For sporting themed events, support the appropriate ball high above diner’s heads to reinforce the topic of the evening


Incorporating star motifs or stylish flowers; this Table Art provides a great low level effortlessly elegant choice, with excellent light qualities

Pixel Tubes

The most innovative of our Table Arts, using state-of-the-art technology, the choreographed light moves vertically, pulsating through the room giving the impression of movement at each table.

Pixel Crystals

Add a touch of glamour to the innovative Pixel tubes, with the addition of crystal chandeliers that add even more sparkle to the evening.