Can Corporate Events and Weddings get even better in UAE?

Due to its global positioning, infrastructure and climate, we have seen the UAE develop into an international hub and preferred destination for weddings and events. As exciting as that may be, it also means that the region is in the spotlight, where clients expect to see and experience the latest innovations and services associated with this market. So inevitably, everyone is always on the look out for ‘something new’ i.e. that “special ingredient” that will become the point of differentiation between their wedding or event, when compared to all others.

Here at Table Art UAE, we provide a unique service that fulfills that need.

Drawing on over 10 years experience of delivering excellent events and weddings in the UK using beautifully designed and illuminated tablecentres, Table Art UAE has been replicating this wonderful service for nearly 2 years, building an ever growing reputation for excellence and ‘going the extra mile’. Either with or without flowers; we work closely with event organisers, wedding planners and the like, to fully understand their vision and using our specially designed console, plan a bespoke choreographed lighting display to be delivered at table level to enhance guest experience.

So…do you know the pantone references of your logo?....we can match these to help reinforce branding. Do you want to build the tension and excitement at an awards dinner?....we can flash the relevant table art to announce the winner. Do you intend to have music with a bit of dancing later in the evening?....our table arts can dance in time to the music. Have you got a big ‘reveal’ to launch a new product?.....we can enhance the anticipation with a ‘Mexican wave’ of light. Are you planning a grand party and want to impress your guests?......Well they won't have seen anything like this!

Share your plans with us; let your imagination run freely and we’ll be sure to suggest ways to ensure that your guests put down their smart phones and enjoy the event into which you have put so much time and effort and together…we’ll help you to put the WOW into your event.

So can corporate events and weddings get even better in UAE? Absolutely! And once you have experienced the difference our Table Arts provide – you will never go back to the “norm”!